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Tuesday, January 13, 2009


Welcome to the fifth season of LOST.

This is where all form 5ves are supposed to be. On a deserted island, surviving. A week and two days has passed. School turned out right. Nothing went wrong. We're still alive aren't we. 

Some people might oppose me saying I hate people who blog out their shit lives out. I try not to be one of them, but sometimes sharing with others is always the better option. And all you need to know is that nothing happened. I don't really see the difference of this year and the last. I'm still short. My friends are still the same. Boring things happen. Why can't life actually move on?

-deleted 4 paragraphs-* overly emo statements.

I have friends who (la la lie)
Help me pull through (la la lie la la lie)

I'm going to turn this blog into another boring blog with a jist of homework helping here and there and a mini gallery of my artwork. =)