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Friday, April 22, 2011

Rant on relationships.

Strangers, again. It’s freakin’ scary.

A salute to Wong Fu Productions for the awesome video.

I love posting stuff on this blog cause it's pretty dead. A good place to share, with well, nobody?

Cause we can’t love perfectly and never will. And I’m afraid, my downfall will be someone else’s excruciating pain.

We just can’t love perfectly. If we could, the world would be an utopia. And I seriously fear that this imperfection in me would cause a catastrophe in another person. Not only to another person, but also to myself.

Even before you get into a relationship, you have to start investing your life into a person. All the time spent to get to know a person, your emotions, your money, energy, everything. Everything is required of you to get into a relationship, and it costs even more to maintain one. All your thoughts would be focused on a person. You start dreaming about her, smile every time you talk with her and your emotions get on you and you get to the point where you can’t deny that you don’t like her.

And you assume that you can make this last forever. You can’t. Cause you’re an imperfect lover.

When you do like her, you do things just to satisfy her emotions so that you can satisfy your emotions. You want her. You have to have her. To the point where you think about it everyday. And you want to talk to her more to satisfy your desire of her. It’s not love. It’s being infatuated. And when you do get her, you’ve accomplished your mission. You don’t have love to hold you together. It’s just on feelings that you’re together. And you ride this boat and find out that at the end of the day, feelings change. Your feelings are not an entity. Love is an entity. And you start investing in your relationship based on the weather. It won’t last. When you feel it’s nice, you put in your all, but when it sucks, in what way would you want your relationship to bother your life? Sometimes your feeling may be strong, it may last over the years but time will seriously put it to the test.

I know I’m dead guilty of this, but it’s perfectly normal. I do have strong likings towards people, and though I think that they might be the one, I am a nobody to say that. Because I know that lots of times, feelings come, feelings go. How can I say for sure that I’ll love you forever if those words are based on something so easily changed?

I do know though, though you can’t control your feelings you can control what you do with them. So, because you like a girl, doesn’t mean you go freakin chase after every single one of them. Because you feel like killing yourself doesn’t mean you can do it. Because you feel like an idiot doesn’t mean you are one.

Your life isn’t based on how you feel. I believe it’s based on something more. I believe in God. And to me, life is based on what God says. Not on something that is everchanging. Rather, I’d believe in something that is ever-lasting. And the funny fact is, God is love.

I want to love. I want to be together with a person not because I like her, or because she likes me, but because of nothing (it might seem superficial, but hey, that is being able to love perfectly). Not because she looks the best in the world (but she may). Not because she likes the same stuff like I do (but she may). But because we choose to love each other, to be with that person forever regardless circumstances. That is, I believe, what it means to be together with another person. To love someone.

Friday, April 15, 2011

Happy Birthday Chloe!

A portrait of Chloe for her birthday!