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Sunday, December 21, 2008

Comic Fiesta 2008

Hey all,

Went to the comic fiesta yesterday. Loved it.

Reasons why I loved the comic fiesta:
1. I get to meet people that love to draw as well. 
2. There were workshops conducted by some very talented people. Among them my fave artists, kiDChan and Artgerm. If you play dota, remember the loading screen? That artist was there too.
3. There was a chance where I could show off my skills.
4. Prizes were won, and they gave away a lot of freebies.

I'll upload some pictures next time.

The night before the fiesta was torture. The curry that I ate game me a major constipation, making me lack sleep. Woke up at 6. Yes 6! Stupid pan mee. Tasted good anyway. Then was the usual, paying for the entrance fees etc. There were so many good artists there. Among them were those said above. Too-unit was there too along with kunasaki. 

I tried to stalk somebody too. yes. me, stalk someone O.o
I went to the booth once. she wasn't there. A girl nicknamed Tian was there. Came back an hour later. Same thing repeated this about 3 times. Then the last time I went there. I mistook Tian for devilevil! She looked so different without her glasses! And she stared back with that look, well, I told you I was Tien about four times now and you're still coming back? Didn't go back there after that. At least I did get a glimpse of devilevil after the event. And sorry to say, but if the manga that she made was the manga sent for the Junior Manga Challenge, I think I may have a bigger chance to win. Not that my manga was that great anyway.

Next was a workshop. I loved all of it. Kidchan rocks. Artgerm rocks. they all rock. And then was the live drawing workshop. What happened was that the put a live/real anime model and you had to copy the crap of her. and they gave you only five freaking minutes! I didn't do so well the first time. It looked like as if it was drawn with my legs. I went the second time. And I did much better. Well I did hear people say 'i like this one, looks real' and then my head got big.

Yeah pic nextime. you can find out about this event at comicfiesta.org. More next time. Bye.


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