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Saturday, May 30, 2009

Busy, busy, busy

There are two kinds of busy: Busy with things you hate, and busy with things you love.

Now I'm busy with things I LOVE.

CF camp is tomorrow and I think it's going to be a blast. Why? Because I'm the camp commandant and the FIRST AND MOST IMPORTANT RULE in the camp is THE CAMP COMMANDANT IS ALWAYS RIGHT. The second rule is, In case the camp commandant is wrong at any point of the camp, APPLY RULE ONE. Damn. That's so Awesome!
I'm loading myself with drawing and art! YT and I might be doing a collab this holiday but we are still unsure what we might be doing. And he's way way better than me. I feel so previliged. And I want to start improving my art... 1. I have gained ability to define compositions and make better linearts these days but I'm still so bad when it comes to colour... I guess I'll have to work my way through....
Friends! I want to meet up with so many friends especially the ones I have not seen in ages (7 years) I'm quite excited but im unsure if they are as excited to see me as I am as excited to see them...
Driving class is starting! Tuesday and Friday for two weeks then I CAN DRIVE!
Taylors college life in a day! I hope to get in the course for design but I got culinary arts instead. At least I will be able to cook.
I want to earn money. Selling designs?
Typography. I'm unsure of what you call it but it's sorta like the illuminati where the words can be read two ways round.
Getting fit(ter). I want to exercise my body. So at least I have chests and feel better about myself. Exams have put a stop to a lot of these.
Catch up with movies.
So many more... God help me prioritise!



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