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Friday, May 1, 2009
It's quite done, (6 more to go) and I'm quite proud of the results. Our class page is going to be the best. And here is the proof:
Though there is 6 panels to go, this is already a wonderful (and professional-looking) page.
If, I make it, I might print a poster for the class.
By the way, I'm redoing a few, such as Darryl's and those with fonts looking ackward.

Dont forget. There are the group shots that still need to be taken to actually complete our page perfectly. And A BIG THANK YOU FOR DEBBIE'S DAD, who is sponsoring our other 2 pages(if i'm not mistaken). Now, I'm off to camp. WORK FREE! Reminder to:
Joshua Teo, Victor, Ivan, Yee Peng, Rebecca (and oops I forgot about YiHan's pendrive) who are supposed to finish their banners soon enough or give me the pictures so that this thing can be actually done with.

love ya all. Nights.


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