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Tuesday, December 29, 2009

The Australian Experience

Towards the end of the year, I felt very upset about the decision I had made to go to Australia. I missed so many things my friends had planned, including the 'once in a lifetime' prom experience which I was in the committee. I entered Australia with both excitement and at the same time regret. However, going to Australia had been much different from how I expected it to be. In fact, I felt that it was actually God who put me here to learn so much more about myself and the things around me. The experience was a good one, no, great one. My eyes are so much more opened to the things that I taught were taboo around me thus changing my perspective on many issues.

Starting from the simple, we did learn lots of living skills, mainly cooking. Cooking is very much enjoyable especially, plus because of the fact that you can simply experiment with different sorts of spices, it makes it all the more exciting. We made pasta, lots of italian food, and a lot more. Besides that, James, our naughty uncle brought lotsa alcohol for our consummation. Wow, he knew all the tricks for making cocktails, shots and more. Haha. In other words, we have been drinking. In moderate amounts only though. Don't worry, still haven't gotten myself drunk. I wonder if my mum would allow me to buy some lemoncello (not sure of spelling) back to Malaysia.

Camping was also another awesome activity of the whole trip. Again, thanks James for helping us pack tons of camping gear for one of the most enjoyable bush camping trips yet. It was awesome cept the freakishly annoying flies which attack your face, and the fact that they dare enter the nose and exit your mouth. It was so bad, we had a 10 minute quarantine procedure before entering the tents. We had to bring the table for eating inside as it was unsafe to be consumed outside. The beach at the campsite was really nice. I really love waves. A lot. The 1 metre high waves were just so so so refreshing and enjoyable to swim in. Just the feeling of the current pushing you towards and away from the shore is so relaxing and calm. The windy beach was also good as it helped produce bigger and more powerful waves.

And yes, we went BUSKING! Really really enjoyable. Love it so much. Haha. Most of you probably know that I'm not a good singer, or guitarist, or drummer. So what? People still give you money for doing what you like to do best. We have been playing in Fremantle and Perth and enjoyed ourselves so much by playing random melodies. We took turns singing, playing the drums, guitar and shaker and did a lot of silly improvisations to many of the songs. Guess what? We earned RM20 an hour per person! Thats more than I could ever earn from working at Maccas (Its what people call MacDonalds here) or anything else. Wow, really love it. I mean, how much would someone give if Jason comes to beatbox? RM200 a session I think. And imagine, It's from doing something you love.

Most importantly, my trip to Australia most benefited me by helping me understand Catholicism better. When I first came to Australia, I went for a Catholic camp, I go for Mass with my cousin every week (though I don't fully participate). Sung for some Catholic choirs, went to Midnight Mass and much more. I really understand it so much better than I used to and I really thank God for that. Don't get me wrong, I'm not converting or anything but I understand the differences between us so much more. I have had many discussions about the differences between the two denominations of Christianity with my cousin David. It's really interesting to know more about another denomination that you thought you always knew.

I recall my cousin saying that many 'Bible Christians' (thats us) frequently attack the Catholic church which is actually true because many do not know the truth about the Catholic churches. (Don't quote me on this). Moreover the understanding of so many differences has led me to want to know the truth with greater hunger. What does the bible say about all these things? What does it mean by the unity of the church when all of us are so divided? What is Christianity all about amidst all the inter-denominational confusion? It's something all of us, as Christians should always think about and continually seek the truth from God. For the bible did say that those who truly seek him will find him. I really do pray that I would understand all this so much more when I go study God's Word during RBS.

And now, I'm just so excited to see everybody again. Lurve yah all.


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