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Tuesday, December 23, 2008


Singing is a type of art... Not really good at it though...

Haha, this is kind of late but yeah... My uncles wedding... And then, OMG, TIMO IS SINGING!

Yeah, I acually went there to sing! Isn't that amazing. Uploading the video on youtube now. Gotta wait. Then you can see me sing! Careful. Won't want you deaf. :D


Ok let me ramble about what is my reso for the new year while waiting. Who says guys can't multitiask?

SPM is just around the corner so let me not get my priorities wrong. SPM among the most important because of my future. Which I am undecided about. Where am I going? Form 6? College? This results will determine it all. I am quite sure about what I want to be when I  grow up. An architect. Sounds fun huh? 8 years of uni life disagrees with me. So shit. SPM is the second.

Now why is that second? God is first duh. I'm the new publicity guy for the YF! Yay! Wow, life is going to be TOUGH. All the time ... oh, wait the video thingy is uploaded.... WTHeck?! Processing?..... But i guess if I can put more of God on my side everything will work out the way he planned. 

Thirdly, art... Drawing is my on factor. Love it. Hopefully I can improve my art by a lot next year. When Debbie is the president, I'm the head designer. This is yet to be confirmed. And my publicity post in youth hopefully will give me an even broader platform when it comes to improving my art. So, Draw!

Lastly, SINGING!... If you knew I love singing you would probably laugh cause you've heard how I suck (well most of you have in school already. No need for me to explain any further). Here is the video to show you how much. AHAHAHAHA.>.<. He's going to do well.

I'm working on it. And these few days I've been hearing my friend Nigel singing. *woooooooooooooosh* *envy man*!!! so good. he sings better than some professionals out there in my opinion. And if he enters the music arena he will be doing mighty well.

thats it folks. See ya soon.


Blogger d. eb said...

(you forgot about the lower half of the cBox)

aaaaaand, I applaud your courage to go up on stage to sing in front of your relatives. I would've totally freaked and be dragged up there literally. Haha

December 24, 2008 at 1:35 PM  
Blogger tim0 said...


December 29, 2008 at 4:04 PM  
Blogger Napmi said...

You don't suck la ...
Even your karaoke singing blew our heads off.
Bravo la... next year karaoke again brother. - Napmi

December 29, 2008 at 6:57 PM  

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