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Thursday, June 4, 2009

Holiday life

This holidays has made me realize how interesting school can be. During the holidays, most of the time I yearn to be with friends and enjoy together with other people. It's really a bore doing things by yourself and not being able to enjoy it with someone else...

I also realized that blogging extra-emo stuff usually belongs to the girls. Haha, guys usually post more random stuff that relates to lfe. Eg, I upload art which I think is rather important in my life. Jason does random nonsense that is important in his life. Haha.

Haha. haha. I'm going to rant now. Title: All about holidays =)
Holidays make me fat
Holidays make me think
Holidays cause me to get lazy
Holidays turns my kiasu mode on as I don't study
Holidays make me miss friends
Holidays can be an art improving workshop
Holidays make me relax too much
I'm tired.


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