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Sunday, July 26, 2009


Hahas to the random blog title. The months ahead of me is going to be tough. I'll give you a rough schedule of whats happening this month

1. Editorial work to be done by July
2. Idaham's poster(?)
3. TTDI IU day: I'm in sharvind and yankoh's band.
4. IBA unplugged, another band which is going for a competition, I'm bassist
5. Hari Kantin: I'm obliged to do two songs, and sell tickets
6. Trials which are 1st to 17th sept.
7. Prom stuff to handle
8. Our own band's audition for prom recording. (never going to be done)
9. Driving exam.
10. YF VBS Stretch promo stuff.

This is form today till Sept 17th. Then I can conentrate on exams which I doubt I will.

By the way, did a pic. A pilot:



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