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Thursday, August 6, 2009

Many things

Taman Tun IU day has just passed. I'm REALLY need to get a camera so that I can upload pictures. Really. Yeah so the event went quite well actually, though not the best, we had fun, the crowd had fun and we were all happy. There was a lot of enthusiasm in the crowd and we had LOADS of fun. I met a few new friends, got to show off, and well more.

I am addicted: to singing?!
Really, I don't get it, I'm addicted to hearing my voice, making it sound better. I'm always trying to sing morning, noon night. I mean, I'm just being a nuisance, embarrasing myself in public, but still, I really really still sing loudly and cause a lot of annoyance. The thing is that I don't really care. If, I can hear my voice for a moment, I'm happy. I think my brain needs to be rewired.

Especially for me to study. I hardly spend an hour a day studying and trials are up shortly. Plus, I have so many things on my to-do list. Including the new one that I made myself for editorial. Not forgetting another performance, singing during hari Kantin, which I would most probably solo with either a guitar or a piano. What's life coming to? Maybe I should hang out with a nerdier group like rebecca's group. On the brighter side, I got a whole stack of revision books from a multi-millionare. Who was willing to give me about RM400 worth of revision books. That is definately going to increase my want to study this days.



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