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Saturday, October 24, 2009


Ahaha. It's that time again! Emo post time! We'll start slow, not so emo to more emo stuff. Haha, I sound so jolly.

Previously, I said that illustration is the one for me. I might have second thoughts about that. Why is my life filled with so many buts? It's so sad that all of us have to go through this. What I want to be. More importantly, what God really wants me to do in my life. Like my ultimate purpose or something. I wanted to do illustration. It's a good field to venture. Then again, will I get any money? Some of my friends started designing children's book covers with their art skills. I mean when you do illustration, where's the pinnacle, the most you can go into? Game designing? Comic drawing? It's not really where I want to reach in life. Moreover, how much can you earn designing comics? It's a life out there that you need to face. I'm a guy, I'll need to think about my family as well. Ha, what a sad job option.
My relatives have recommended me to go into another field of art that is architecture. This was actually my first option since a long time ago. I was just hesitating to answer because of the long studying period of 7 years. That means if I start when I am 18, I will end at 25, an old man. But many things have caused me to reconsider this option. One of them, is how much money you can earn. Calvin Lau's dad, is a friggin castle owner. And, he's an architect. Inspired much. Hahaha. And, I always wanted to be an architect since I was standard 5. I remember drawing house plans that I wanted to build. Haha, let me be old lah, It's only 25 years of age. What's more, I prefer designing, creating something new compared to just sitting down rotting away with the normal duties of an accountant or whatsoever. Boring.
Now, moving up the emo scale. XD
It's not so emo-lah actually, but I have been quite emotional about it lately, just want to spill it out. I'm also quite afraid about comments like, "Wah, that guy so despo wan ah?", the typical Josh statements. Most guys keep it inside. Got ego mah. But I think this time I'll just spill it out.
To start the rant rolling, what a guy would usually talk about is girls and I'll start of with that.

*breathes deeply*

Hahahaha, you might find this funny but I have,only me and it is just a feeling or small taught that popped out from the back of my head that I lack female companionship. Nothing serious. Not that I don't have any female friends at all, but I just am lacking some. Now there is a reason for this. I have a very high taste for girls. I'm dead serious. It's not the looks but the attitude kind of taste. If I can't stand the attitude, it's real turnoff for me. Not only that, I cannot maintain a very solid conversation with most girls. Not including the fact that I am afraid to start a conversation. Haha, pretty stupid right? I think the problem is that I don't have the correct platforms to start talking. Like many people meet new people via tuition and stuff like that, but I don't go for any tuitions and stuff. Because of that, I hardly hang out with anyone except for my clique in school.
Haha, And I forgot to add that I do a lot a lot of stuff because I want to get to impress girls. I tried to draw, sing, play the guitar, look good, just like most guys do. But the thing is that I've got too far with so many of them. And none of them had worked so far. =p. It's really funny. But it's quite good now, I can do all of the above. Extra talents in life. Haha.
It's quite Ironic when you watch movies and they tell you all sorts of things concerning what a guy will do to get a girl but I found out the hard way that it's all true. Another thing, my puberty came late I think. Unlike many, I think that I started really understanding this issue late last year and it's really stupid. My maturity level matches Kah Jun, just that I don't use the same techniques as him. When I think about it, I had so much opportunity to mix around with more people when I was younger compared to now. And now it's all wasted since I'm leaving school soon. I could have established much stronger bonds with people but now, as I said it's all gone.

I've got more to rant but whatever lah. It's getting boring already.

That's all I want to rant about actually. Boring eh. You should say like yeah, I've wasted my life reading this bullshit. "I can't stand people who post stuff like this online", says Josh. Haha. Think all you want.

Haha. See you in school tomorrow.


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