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Sunday, February 14, 2010

Tim0's Malacca experience

An amazing day today. I dont think i'll journal today. This would be my entry anyway:
The whole story of my cousin's conversion. When we arrived at the reunion, my aunt (who is not a Christian) told me that Yew Ming (my cousin's name) was giving up on going to school in tears. I could see that she was tearing and that she really wanted her son to change.

My cousin has a real psychological issue. It is so bad that he cannot even communicate in full sentences. Lately, my cousin has been skipping school everyday though he is in his SPM year due to the idea that he did not like school and rather stay at home and FB. We are still unsure why he loves to skip school. Besides that he HATES his father. At the reunion, he ever so openly pointed the middle finger at his dad (who is a really soft and loving guy) at the same time saying a lot of flowery language towards his father who he accuses of destroying him. Every 5 minutes he'll look at me and say, I'm dead, I'm lost, I don't know who I am and that sort of stuff. Immedietly I realised that he needed Jesus Christ as Jesus claims to seek and save the lost and also to be the Life.

I continually shared the gospel for two hours though at times he did not want to listen and changed the topic. He continually said "I am so close to glory", but then exclaim,"I can't" after being in a prayer stance for a few minutes. He then went outside, his hands in a shape of a gun, to start shooting neighbours. When I asked him why he did so, he said that he did not know why but just wanted to shoot something. Surely it was the devil at work at that moment.

Throughout the conversations, he would continually repeat the words, I'm lost, I'm dead and so forth. I pleaded with him to accept Jesus Christ but he would just say no, I can't. He would turn his head away when I mentioned the word God. Later in the night, I went out for a walk with him and mentioned to him once more, (I think I might have repeated the gospel around 10 times using 10 different senarios) and told him once more, "Jesus is the only one who can give you life. You have kept on saying that you're dead, but Jesus can give you life, he can take away the dead life that you have and give you a new one if you make a stand to change yourself and follow him." When asked, he nodded and I invited him to say the sinners prayer after me. To make sure that he truly wanted to change I emphasised and repeated sentences of basic belief such as 'I want Jesus to come into my heart and change me' and he followed eyes closed.

I was smiling when he said these things and went back towards the house when we were done with the prayer. Now the amazing, awesome and fantastic part.

His dad was outside the gate of the house when we came back, I told him that his dad really loved him very much and that he should love him back. "You have made a ground to change, you cannot hate your dad anymore, Jesus will help you with this". I then gave him a suggestion to say "I love you" to his dad. As we approached the gate, I called his dad, telling him that Yew Ming had something to say. And to my surprise, he said it! After the extreme of calling his dad a "chao chi bai" and pointing his middle finger at him in an open area, he managed to say, I love you. This is something even close family members find hard to say sometimes. His dad (you could see the amazement in his face (he was dazed for the rest of the night)) said an 'I love you too, son" back at him, and at that moment, my face was all smiles. His dad then thanked me for this and went back into the house.

It was not too long until they left the premises. During that time, Yew Ming went out of the house hugging his brother (I don't know for what reason) but he did. My aunts were so surprised at this situation because he never did this for so long and they thanked me with the words: good job.

Another miracle was that it became a good opportunity to testify to my aunts. My aunts have been bringing my cousin out for meditation to rid him of his 'sin and troubles' but have failed. In this short 2 hours, the change was already so evident in his life. Just his two short gestures have been a testament not only to my aunts, but also to my other relatives present that know his situation.

This truly has been an amazing experience of how God works and he surely is the one true and mighty God!


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