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Thursday, August 13, 2009


I have a car now. Well, it's not exactly mine but I can use it. The previous owner was some lala/gangsta looking guy and he pimped the kelisa to look and sound kinda funny.

Ok, let me introduce you to the car.
1. In order to access the car, you have to disable the alarm, it's really funny and irritating. When you press the button, it says "VIPER DISARM" very very loudly. I'm sure I have to wait a while before I can bring it somewhere to disable it. It kinda garners attention and I don't really want that.
2. Once you get into the car and close the door, hte car will not start. Unless the security sistem has been changed of course. An it is really really irritating. I will not tell you how to function it (if not it would not be such an effective system right) but what happens is that if you don't enable it, the car would die on you. And that is really embarrassing, especially on main roads.
3. The next thing to do is to on some music. Not to mention the guy added a sony woofer into the car. I mean, it's really good, better than most surround sound systems I guess. I mean dare you to move sounds really rich and the bass is awesome except for the fact that it shook the car up a bit at times.

Haha. haha.


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