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Wednesday, March 3, 2010


Something to rant about. I think this problem, is something to do with post-RBS syndrome. Really, I don't know what in the world is happening. I mean, I'm surrounded by really awesome loving and caring people but I'm just out of place/lonely once their gone. Really really annoyed by the fact that I feel so burdened when I am alone. I just cannot take the fact that I'm actually alone. It's a feeling that is really hard to comprehend. I'm just alone. It's not good, I have this inner instinct that I want somebody really close to me all the time. But that's the wierd thing. I have my brothers, parents, sister, friends that I see everyday, yet, there is this emo feeling inside of me.

Then again, maybe I'm just tired, or stressed out, I cannot focus properly, or maybe I'm really missing my best friend, Jesus. This loneliness is supposed to be filled by God, maybe I'm just not letting him.

Maybe I'm too self centred, thinking about myself all the time. When the feeling of loneliness comes to mind, you're thinking about yourself, why am I all alone or why doesn't anyone care about me? It's all about me again. Haiah, really have to change this attitude, this pride.

Haha. Don't worry about me too much now. Just love you all XD


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