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Wednesday, September 23, 2009


When you do it, you'll find so many things you think you knew but you didn't.

I have a major weakness, I cannot console, or help people emotionally, especially girls. It's just me. When people come and tell me their problem, I just give a blank look while my brain takes a hundred hours to try to process the correct answer. The thing is, when someone tells you something, they want a reply, something that can help calm their nerves, that's why they told you in the first place. Sometimes I try hard, so that it doesn't sound weird. SO forgive me if anything sounds wrong.

Secondly, I'm getting quite sensitive for a guy. Damn. I'm very concerned if people love me, or if they talk behind my back, I just want to know. But this is not a big problem. Hopefully it can get solved quick. It's just not me. My brain is overworking.

And, studying. It kills.

Then again, I did some drawings:


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